That is how I shall remember Fall 2010 for the rest of my existence…

Yes, tis’ a golden time for moe lovers everywhere. A most wonderful time to be alive! Oh, yes, for how can I not feel such ecstasy when two of the works I’ve been following so closely for quite some time ; one, which I didn’t think would be animated so quickly and one I never expected to be animated went against my expectations and released their own adaptations which I very warmly(metaphorically and literally) received.

I’m talking about OreImo and Yosuga no Sora:


Pure.Win ^w^

I'm so thankful to be alive T_T


Kinda puts a tear in my eye, you know?

OreImo which at this point most of you probably know is short for Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai is a Japanese light novel which has gotten quite popular since it first hit shelves and is growing in popularity still. And it is probably, in my opinion, one of the most ingenious works ever to be created in the last decade…I mean come on! The title has the word “imouto” in it! IMOUTO! That simple,yet-beautiful fact in itself means that reading the title alone was enough to gain my attention, and when I actually read what it was about…well, I must say I was very much enchanted….I’ve never seen such boldness, such creativity, and such a daring premise that few have dared to even imagine, much less thought they’d ever read about…that it can’t help but fill the hearts of many of my noble comrades with such overwhelming happiness that lit up their faces with an expression of the purest bliss…yes, my brothers…it was truly nothing short of a miracle…imoutoThe story is about an imouto who plays porn games about imouto…

In the name of all that is good in the world-HOW, and I say it again, HOW, can I NOT, fall madly in love with this!

As for Yosuga no Sora

Well I could find no better, and I mean NO better example of that old unalterable truth which many of us in this wonderful, wonderful world abide by:

HaruSora“Twincest is Best”

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One Response to Siscon-season…

  1. Sergio says:

    Well, this could be the beginning of the imouto boom xD

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