Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai- 1

Behold the power of the imouto-gods….

Finally after spending months of grueling waiting for this unparalleled work of genius. It has finally come. I know I’m behind 3 weeks on the review(…such a pitiful disgrace am I…) but if I do them all this week I’ll be able to catch up and do a review of episode 4 when it comes out…may the imouto-gods shine brightly on all my endeavors…


I dearly pray...that this is a foreshadowing of good things to come...

The story opens with Kyousuke being woken up by a delishuz black-haired Kirino who’s in awesome imouto mode. Unfortunately, for our brave crusader for the imouto-cause he realizes midway that this is all just a dream, before he can properly take advantage of dream-Kirino and fulfill the dreams of soo many siscon fanatics to raep hold his bishoujo imouto in his arms.

What later follows that morning is Kyousuke being reminded by the world of how awesome his sister is compared to him and apparently being followed by imouto-gods as the word “sister” keeps popping up around him everywhere as if to herald the coming of an event which was to change his life forever…this also reinforces my belief that he is the prophesied Chosen One of the imouto-crusade, singled-out by the Most Serene Imouto-Gods themselves to lead us into a new age and further the glory of all of Moedom.

The Chosen One

Behold! The face of our hero! May he lead us into glorious battle!

As for what that event is(as most of you probably know by now): he comes home, sees his sister, they have some sour interactions, and they depart their separate ways. Seems like standard procedure for these two; until Kyousuke notices a mahou-shoujo anime DVD on the floor and decides to pick it up.

The analogy may or may not be off...but I have a feeling this DVD is to Kyousuke what Excalibur was to Arthur.

He takes it to his room and opens the case; only to find it wasn’t a mahou shojou anime DVD that was inside it. Instead, it was an eroge. An imouto eroge. An imouto-ge. An imouto-ge with a rather explicit title:

Imōto to Koishiyo! or translated in English as…

“Let Make(or Fall in) Love To(or With) Your Little Sister.” *pochi, pochi, pochi*

On second thought, the anime DVD(case) is more like the stone...THIS is the sword.

But Kyousuke freaks out: Whose telling who to doing what with who WHAT?!!! (The Imouto-gods are Kyousuke…they’re here…for you.)

If anyone sees him with stuff like this his social reputation as a normal member of society would be over! A dangerous item indeed…and then Mom(always such good timing) bursts in suddenly and he manages to hide it from her even if it probably means her thinking he was just fapping off to something. After that he quickly collects himself and now question becomes: who the hell in this family could own something like this? It’s not him, so that just leaves three other suspects: Mom, Dad, and of course Kirino. So Kyousuke plays Sherlock and sets up a trap at dinner time. You can’t hide the truth from him…and Kirino is revealed to be the owner of the DVD and eroge inside it.


Kirino tries to deny it(unconvincingly) but Kyousuke decides to give her the benefit of the doubt nevertheless-thus, proving himself not such a bad nii-chan after all. She asks him some questions: If she did own stuff like this, would he look down on her? And so he answers: No.

He has made the right move. Kirino later wakes him up in the middle of the night and asks him into her room for “life counseling”. What she reveals is to him is nothing short of legendary:

Me jealous...

Kirino...you are blessed.

She’s an epic anime/eroge otaku with a huge little sister fetish.

My Little Sister Can't Be This Hardcore.

Which of course is totally awesome.

The two of them talk: Kirino proudly talks about her collection, and about the virtues of Imouto-fandom (Though Kyousuke, of course doesn’t understand most of the heck she’s talking about.) while Kyousuke reveals in the process that’s he’s actually a pretty reliable guy. We also find out how she’s been getting money to pay for her stuff.


Kyousuke then tells her that if she ever needs help with something-he’s always at hand. But then, he also asks her, if her liking stories about onii-chama’s making sweet love to their precious imouto-chan means.. .well, you know-THAT. Kirino answers with a big “NO” and tells Kyousuke that 2D and 3D should never be mixed-which somehow relieves our noble hero.

Yes Kyousuke, you're sister doesn't see you that way...good for you...(you poor poor bastard)

The night then comes to an end and he gets back to bed…

…Only to be woken up again to play some imouto-ge.

And apparently sucks at it.


My Body Was Not Ready.

I’ll be quick with this,to be honest I thought, the episode was great and it definitely made my day when I saw it. That day I was all giggles and smiles from the moe overdose and no one could ruin it for me. I especially liked the scene where they showed a black-haired Kirino in the dream sequence which I just CAN’T get enough of. Also, I loved the scene where they showed Kirino’s epic tower of eroge.( And seeing AkaSaka among them made me tear a little inside…) The animation was as fluid as I expected and the art work was excellent-as expected.I still think the light novels are superior when it comes to telling this story, but considering what the anime company had to work with, I’d say they did a pretty good job. All in all: lovely.

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