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OreImo (Random) Theory Surge 2!

OK, standard procedure: Warning! WARNING! SPOILERS WHICH ARE NOT REALLY SPOILERS SINCE THEY DON’T REALLY SPOIL ANYBODY BUT THEY MIGHT SPOIL SOMEBODY CAUSE THEY MIGHT BE POSSIBLE!…OR NOT… Again if you have not read the light-novels or at least the … Continue reading

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OK…Now THIS…just made my day ^_^

OK, perhaps I’m a little late, but seeing this today definitely made me smile. ^_^

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My heart…is in so much pain right now

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This Blog’s Patron Saint…

Meet Takashi. Ah yes, Takashi…unless you play otome games you probably haven’t heard about this guy. But trust me, I have yet to see another man so utterly dedicated, so selfless, and so devoted to the siscon cause, that he … Continue reading

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Ah…let me explain.

I just wanted to explain why I haven’t updated this blog in a while. And short answer is…. I went to a family reunion. There. Thankfully they had a computer there, so I could at least comment on a few … Continue reading

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