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A Shining Example for Siscons Everywhere.

Meet Takashi. Ah yes, Takashi…unless you play otome games you probably haven’t heard about this guy. But trust me, I have yet to see another man so utterly dedicated, so selfless, and so devoted to the siscon cause, that he puts many of us who dare call ourselves siscons to shame. TO SHAME! In my eyes, Takashi, or better known as “Takashi-Oniichan” or as I like to call him “Great Siscon Sage, Peerless in Two Worlds”, is what it TRULY means to be a siscon and as such he is beyond reproach.

I. The Man.

Now just what is he like? Takashi is one of more popular characters in Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!! or simply Love Revo, an otome game with a rather…unique kind of gameplay.(More on that later) Obviously, Takashi Sakuragawa is the Hitomi’s(the heroine) older brother. Right from when you first meet and get to know him-siscon is the automatic first thing that pops into mind. Seriously. He’d do anything for his sister and in his eyes his sister is the most radiant/cutest creature that ever graced this world. His siscon nature is also one of the main sources of his comedy(which is great), and as I see it, the fundamental drive for his existence.

II. The Imouto.

The Imouto behind the Man.

This is what Takashi’s imouto looked like. Little surprise he developed a huge sister complex didn’t he? This is Hitomi Sakuragawa. When she was a loli, she used to win all sorts of beauty pageants, and even modeled for kid’s wear. She and Takashi come from a pretty wealthy family so I guess she might even somewhat qualify for the ojou status too. Now, looking at the picture from above some might even think”DAAWWW, She’s soooo KYOOOT!” and feeling murderous surges of envy coursing through your veins for Takashi’s good fortune that his parents have created something so darn precious…..

…until you see what she looks like in her present age…



Notice that I used the past tense when I said looked. Yes, the delishuz-loli is this not-so-delishuz…….person. So…

…how the FUCK did this atrocity happen!? How did that drool-inducing loli turn(some may think mutate) into this”big-person-who’s-beautiful-in-the inside-which-is-what-really counts”?

Remember when I said she used to win all those beauty contests and even models at the side? Well doing that made her a lot of fans. Those fans, gave her gifts that ranged from flowers, to sweets…

LOTS of sweets.

Eventually, with no thanks from her even-then-imoutocon Onii-chan who reinforced the problem by continuing to spoil her with even more junk food, she became the “beautiful-person-in-her-own-special-way” we see before us…and I cry for loss of the pretty middle school girl that never came to be.

III- The Siscon Dynamics.

After looking at Hitomi maybe you have an idea what this game was about. To put it simply: you’re going to guide Hitomi in her quest to lose all that weight and make herself more shall we say “easy on the eyes”. Takashi of course helps her with this and is the one who helps her keep track on her progress regarding her goal. It took a while…ah yes, it took a while…

But the results are…quite satisfying…see for yourself:

OK scratch that it was VERY satisfying. (I’m guessing Takashi must’ve be quite happy he helped her do this)

Now what makes Takashi such an epic siscon-oniichan is that he DOESN’T CARE whether or not his imouto weighs like a hundred pounds. He only really helped her lose weight because she wanted to. In his eyes, she remains his “most precious sister” and STILL sees her as the cutest thing he’s ever seen-no matter what she looked like, and is hard pressed to think of giving her away to another man. Takashi lives and breathes for Hitomi, and is prepared to do anything and lose anything if that be the price of Hitomi’s happiness…even if that means losing Hitomi herself. The things this guy had to sacrifice were no joke: scholarships, girlfriends, well-paying jobs, his time and effort, and at times risking even his own damn safety-all done in the name of personally making sure of his sister’s well being-and he doesn’t even bother to tell it to her, thinking that it’s nothing worth mentioning. You’ve got to admire the man for his dedication. And yet he doesn’t come across as possessive or obsessive. He’s clearly nuts about his sister, and he wants her to be with him as long as possible, but even so her happiness is what matters to him the most. THAT is what he WANTS. He sees his beloved imouto’s happiness as equal to all the success he could have had. He wants to see his sister happy, and for most of the game-he gets what he wants. Hitomi ends up happy. Which makes Takashi happy. Even if it means her leaving his watchful eyes and seeing her be with another man. But it is only in his route that we see, the pain he must have gone through when this happens, and made to realize the things he rejected just to stay close to her. (which made Hitomi feel quite guilty) He’s also a really sweet guy, and thankfully, Hitomi is a pretty sweet girl so their relationship never felt strained or rough. It was as smooth as silk. And they are clearly very close to one another-even from the beginning.

So that makes his wincest ending all the more lovely. Yes, it takes some work, and you have to play his route twice, but…

It was WORTH it! ^_^

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6 Responses to This Blog’s Patron Saint…

  1. Maugomale says:

    One question: blood-related or not?

  2. baka~ says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard of such a plot in a VN and i’m quite interested especially with how you narrated their circumstance… wait, unlike Kirino from oreimo, the protagonist, Hitomi, doesn’t physically harm her brother in any way right? I mean, Takashi might be this VN’s Jesus Christ and he may be willingly sacrificing lots for her but he’s not being repayed with a knuckle sandwich of sorts right? X_X

  3. Cristal says:

    Awww a lovely ….incest??? but yet so sweet …i definitely play his route ….

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