OreImo (Random) Theory Surge 2!

OK, standard procedure:

Warning! WARNING!


Again if you have not read the light-novels or at least the Seanver Blog summaries then for the sake of your own entertainment, please do so before proceeding.

Here’s the link for the summaries.

Now then:  ^_^

This was one hell of an emotional roller coaster of a month for me…I was in ecstasy and I was in despair; I felt absolute faith in the brighter future, and I felt crushing disappointment; I felt sublime bliss and tranquility….and I felt murderous rage.

Sometimes in the same time.

Oh well…time to get to business. It’s time for another list.

I hope to see more of her in the future...

  • The story is setting up Kuroneko/Shironeko as the canon end girl.
  • The story is preparing for an epic Kirino end.
  • The story is preparing for a 3p end with both Ruri and Kirino. ^w^
  • The story is setting up a harem end.
  • Shironeko’s lover status will turn out to be another lie.
  • The cake is a lie.
  • Kyousuke only accepted to become Ruri’s lover to humor her and to dispel his “curse”. Basically, he’s going to give her what he gave to Kirino in volume 7 and the whole Kuroneko and I became lovers bit will turn out to be no different from the teaser lines we got in volume 7.
  • Assuming Ruri’s lover status was as fake as Kirino’s, I’m betting Saori will get a similar scenario-with Kyousuke posing as her boyfriend…or even fiance. Plus, there’s a chance we get a ballroom scene here and we’ll get to see the girls look their very best. And maybe we’ll get to see Kyousuke in a tuxedo, perhaps he won’t look so plain when he’s all dressed up. Heck, maybe even a “normal” guy like him looks manlier than the soft rich folk Saori’s acquainted with.
  • Speaking of Saori, there’s a chance she’s the girl whose going to get more focus time in the next volume.
  • Or that could be Ruri…
  • Heck let’s go with a full set and say Ayase’s the one who gets the extra focus time.
  • Or Manami….
  • Or Kanako…you get the idea.
  • Kyousuke was serious when he accepted Ruri as his girlfriend. A few days did pass after all, ,maybe during that time he finally made up his mind.
  • KyouXRuri’s deito will be filled with genuine rabu-rabu moments.
  • Or Kyousuke will make me want to kick his ass again…
  • Kyousuke will be unable to stop talking about Kirino during his date with Ruri.
  • The long phone call Kiririn and Kuroneko had was about them making some sort of bet regarding Kyousuke.
  • Kyousuke and Kirino simply made up and did a lot of talking during that call and we’re simply over-thinking too much about it again.
  • Kirino and Ruri decided to execute an Onegai Twins-like plot to try and get Kyousuke to realize his true feelings. AKA Kiririn and Kuroneko’s Love Alliance.
  • Kirino and Ruri decided to share Kyousuke until he can come to a decision on who he wants to be with.
  • It’s all Kyousuke’s fault! In stories where the onii-chan is hated by the imouto-it’s usually the onii-chan’s fault!
  • Childhood theory #1: Kyousuke and Kirino were extremely close during their childhood; Kyousuke was the textbook example of an admirable older brother and a possibly helpless and cry-baby Kirino adored her reliable onii-chan and he may have been the one who caused her to become an otaku. However; one day Kyousuke’s friends began to take notice of his budding siscon behavior and called him out on it, which caused him major embarrassment and denial. This may have caused him to push Kirino away or ignore her completely, or perhaps Kirino even heard him say hurtful words which caused her considerable emotional trauma at seeing the one person she trusted above all others say such things, and she tried to “fix” things thinking she has to do something to make it up to him. Kyousuke probably either too embarrassed or more characteristically:dense-failed to see her efforts or simply chose not to respond to them which caused Kirino great frustration, which is possibly further aggravated by seeing him so close to Manami who she sees that when compared to her-doesn’t even have to use a fraction of the effort she used to get Kyousuke to spend time with her and made it look easy(as in. Manami makes Kirino feel inferior), and even worse for her, pretty soon–achievement after achievement-Kyousuke pulled an unintended dick move and even went so far as to be jealous of her. Which made her give up and basically throw in the towel thinking “what’s the point?” If this is true, then we can finally see why she came to hate him so much…merely seeing him pains her. And she’s trying her best to leave her “old self” behind.
  • Childhood theory #2: Kyousuke and Kirino were as close as said in #1and had the same previously stated circumstances. But this time, Kyousuke wasn’t embarrassed at being called a siscon…oh no, there is a possibility he was the guy who started the whole wincest route and he just forgot about it. Kinda like planting a seed and forgetting you did so, only to later see that that seed had become a tree. I say he pulled off a Haru somewhere in his past and feeling extremely guilty tried to blot it out of his mind…oh fine, he’s a more graphic description: siscon-shota boy sees (possibly sleeping) kawaii imouto and suddenly gets a “weird feeling”…a feeling which he can’t help himself with. Before he knows it, and probably after looking around to see if no one is around to see him…he innocently plants a kiss on his sister’s lips, only to see her wake up-shocked. Kyousuke either runs away guilty and embarrassed, and Kirino is probably very confused and tries to look for an explanation, but Kyousuke starts avoiding her. But Kyousuke then goes to Manami for refuge and to calm himself down…while Kirino gets frustrated at him trying to dodge her and the idea starts festering inside her mind and she begins to be enamored with it.-which led to her imouto-ge obsession. Kirino may have gotten to talk to him once, and Kyousuke denies it harshly which got Kirino motivated to “prove” something to him.  And she begins resisting help from Kyousuke, who has probably because of his previous feelings started avoiding not only Kirino but also the problems she had-and was suddenly left alone to fend for herself-whether he knew it or not; causing them to drift away from each other as time passed.
  • Childhood theory # 3: A childhood marriage promise was involved here. At one point this happened, and eventually the two parties just forgot about it at one point. All that remains are the remnants of former feelings…
  • Childhood theory #4: There was a fight during their childhood. It could be for a variety of reasons, but there was a fight between Kyousuke and Kirino that triggered the rift in their relationship and both just found it incredibly difficult to apologize.
  • Kirino finds admitting she’s in love with her brother unbelievable even to herself and is understandably perplexed at the very idea, hence the reason she says it’s disgusting and sick by reflex when she’s teased about this and when Kyousuke’s on “Suteki Siscon Aniki Mode”(or simply being pervy) despite signs she’s actually enjoying it.
  • Assuming any of my childhood theories are true, Kirino, despite already having feelings for Kyousuke, probably hasn’t figured exactly what she was feeling and didn’t start assessing them until the beginning of the story; she may have been asking herself “why is she trying so hard anyway?” or “do I really have feelings for him?” or “what the hell is wrong with me?” or even “why am I doing/saying this?” or “shut up, me!”, point is: there’s a chance she was still and is still confused about the true shape of her feelings for her brother.
  • I also think that Kyousuke was the reason Kirino became an anime-otaku in the first place.
  • A deredere nuke of utterly epic proportions is about to explode in the form of Kirino(possibly with her breaking down in front of Kyousuke and finally letting all her emotions pour out)…and when that happens…it will hurt…oh yes….it will HURT!  I feel Kirino is a lot more fragile than she lets out on, and I have a feeling that once her iron-clad armor of tsun cracks…we will see something we have never seen before.
  • Kyousuke will pull an ohime dako at one point in the story.
  • Kirino will get one scene where she walks or runs barefoot outside.
  • Tsukasa Fushimi is playing with his fans.
  • Assuming Kirino’s tsun armor does break…why do I feel like we will feel guilty when it does?
  • The title of the story will be used to describe the epic deredere state at the end of the story.
  • Loli-Kirino is probably vastly different from current Kirino.
  • Kirino said “I want to be onii-chan’s bride” when she was a loli. Kyousuke took her seriously when he was a shota…and possibly intended to make good on it.
  • Their mother saw this and called him out on it.
  • Kirino has had feelings for Kyousuke before the start of the bloody story.
  • Mikagami will come back in volume 8
  • We will see Mikagami’s 2D love…and we will understand.
  • We will see Mikagami’s 2D love…and we will laugh….but understand.
  • The not-blood siblings trope will be used.(The rumored wedding end in the the PSP game somehow makes me think this has become a real possibility)
  • Kirino loses the make-up at one point in the story. I don’t know why and like many of the stuff in this list I really have no real basis, but I keep getting vibes that she may actually lose her job at one point…and when that happens she may actually be closer to Kyousuke’s ideal. He thinks she’s cuter without it after all.
  • Assuming she does lose her job, she will probably then start turning into a “normal girl”.
  • I compare Kirino to a piece of rope pulled at both ends. It will be interesting to see what happens to her when all that tension finally relaxes.
  • The story will be about Kyousuke and Ruri’s love relationship developing and Kirino getting over her brother complex.
  • Kirino was Kyousuke’s lover in a previous life.
  • Ayase will reveal she has a BDSM fetish.
  • OreImo gets an RPG like or RPG dream scenario.
  • OreImo gets a Yakuza scenario.
  • OreImo will get a hospital scenario…with Kirino in the hospital bed.
  • Saori is the daughter of the Eternal Blue company director.
  • Saori is the daughter of a famous fashion dynasty.
  • Black-haired Kiririn will make an apperance later in the story. (Hopefully permanently.)
  • Kirino will apologize to everyone for one reason or another at one point in the story.
  • Dere Kirino will resemble something like a combination of Ayase and Manami
  • Kirino will don glasses at one point in the story.
  • Manami X Ayase yuri pairing for the win! ^w^
  • A subplot is developing between Kanako and Bridget.
  • A yuri subplot is developing between Kanako and Bridget.
  • The reason Kirino initiated the “I have a boyfriend stratagem” was to ask Kyousuke “would you really be OK about seeing me belong to another man?” and probably hoping for him to say he loves her…only to be disappointed in what she saw.
  • The Akagi siblings will still entertain us with their siscon/brocon shenanigans.
  • Kyousuke will be the subject of at least one of Sena’s yaoi fantasies. Mostly probably paired up with her brother Kouhei.
  • Sena will get jealous at one point in the story.
  • We will see more of DAT MEIDO! (You know who I’m talking about)
  • Kirineko will make another appearance in the story and get more fanart.
  • OreImo fanart will continue to be delishuz.
  • The OreImo anime will continue to be be the top hitter for the season.
  • But OreImo season 2(assuming there will be a season 2) will not score as high, though will probably fare better critically.
  • The OreImo S2 anime will at one point cause its fans to RAEG once again.
  • Remember when I said Kirino was going to grow up to be Yamato Nadeshiko? Well I think Ruri is already a Yamato Nadeshiko. Which will score her many points for me.
  • All the songs used in the OreImo anime foreshadow the future or give a glimpse of the characters true feelings.
  • Speaking of songs and season 2, I really hope ClariS comes back for another round with the series.
  • Motherhood theory #1: Assuming we get to see Kirino as a mom, her teenage years will probably cause her a great deal of embarrassment and many “EH!?” faces when she tell younger people the story of her younger years. I’ve seen it done before. Tsunderes tend to make Moe mothers. So that means I have a feeling Kirino will turn into one pretty sweet okaa-san in the future.
  • Motherhood theory #2: Assuming Kirino does become a mom, I’m placing my money on her having a otamega erogamer for a son and twin daughters(Hopefully one with pigtails^w^) who always seem to be in each others throats.
  • Motherhood theory #3: Assuming we get to see Ruri as an mom, she’d probably stay mostly the same. Why? She’s perfect. That’s why. She’s already great sister, so I think she’ll make an absolutely wonderful okaa-sama.
  • Motherhood theory #4: Assuming Ruri does become a mom, I’m placing my money on her getting 3 daughters-All with different variations of moe, and possibly one boy. Ruri seems to me like the type to have and can handle a lot of kids.
  • Motherhood theory #5: Assuming we get to see Manami as a mom, well I think she’d pretty much be how we expect her to be: Manami, the perfect normal girl now turned into the perfect normal mother. Mostly likely one who likes to make sweets. I’d say she’d make an excellent ka-chan.
  • Motherhood theory #6: Assuming Manami does become a mom, I’m placing my bet on her having a standard one boy one girl combination in either an onii-chan/imouto dynamic or a an onee-chan/otouto dynamic.
  • Motherhood theory #7: Assuming we get to see Saori as a mother, she’ll probably be…hmm…well I don’t know really, Saori is like all different kind of awesome. I guess I’ll just say, she’s the type of mother who basically commands her childrens’ respect and adoration by simply being herself.
  • Motherhood theory# 8: Assuming Saori does become a mom, I’m placing my bet on her probably having an only child. Either a dashing male bocchama who is heir to the family fortune or a shining ojou-sama like she is. Or both. But sadly she will probably not have more than two.
  • Motherhood theory # 9: Assuming we get to see Ayase as a mom, I’d say she’s going to be one of those slightly strict education mamas who serve as the house’s moral pillar, though she will sometimes spoil her kids occasionally.  She’s also likely to be the one who’s pretty kind usually, but is terrifying when pissed.
  • Motherhood theory # 10: Assuming Ayase does become a mom, I’d say she wants girls. If she had any boys I feel she’d probably harsher on them somewhat. I don’t really see her with any set number of children.
  • Fatherhood theory # 1:  Kyousuke was the husband of one of these girls and fathered their children.
  • Fatherhood theory # 2: Or better yet, the mega-playboy gene kicked in and Kyousuke is the father of ALL their children. XD

Hope you had fun.^^See you on the next list^^

OreImo (Random) Theory Surge !

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4 Responses to OreImo (Random) Theory Surge 2!

  1. Sergio says:

    Awesome post! It’s difficult to comment on all of those theories, but in general, I do think that in the past they were really close and I’m seeing that Kyousuke is so ridiculously in denial, I’m starting to think he may have had feelings for her but he tries to shut them out.

    And that Kirino has used siscon eroges as a way of dealing with her brocon feelings well, in episode 9 of the anime became only too evident.

    “Tsukasa Fushimi is playing with his fans.” that’s the feeling I got when I read the volume 7 spoilers, but I think he isn’t. But wow, he’s so good at cliffhangers… which also pisses me off!!!!!

    “Ayase will reveal she has a BDSM fetish.” She does, or what kind of 15 yo girl owns handcuffs? That’s actually canon in the random oreimo fanfic I’m writing to practice Japanese xDDD

    “Saori is the daughter of the Eternal Blue company director.” I’d say it’s 75% likely, there’s been too much emphasis on that company

    “A yuri subplot is developing between Kanako and Bridget.” I approve, if I ever continue writing it that’s going to be in my random fanfic as well

    “Fatherhood theory # 12: Or better yet, the mega-playboy gene kicked in and Kyousuke is the father of ALL their children. XD” WIN

  2. KidKlimax says:

    “assuming any of my childhood theories are true”
    Wait… are you a true siscon?

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