God, how I wish I was a NEET…

Well kinda ^_^…sometimes I do get that feeling. I’m really just rambling here…trying to blow of some steam and frustration….December is a busy month for me; what with all the assignments and projects and what-not that are being piled up on us before Christmas Break(which as you might have guessed would make the upcoming “vacation” pretty crappy).

And unlike Yuuto I don't have these two to look forward to...GRAAGH! So unfair...

*sigh*…oh boy….plus, there’s other important stuff that requires my attention: routes need finishing, unwatched anime DVDs need watching, games need playing, new sites need discovering, and I’ve been neglecting my daily manga requirement-necessary for any growing happy boy like I am.

Saber here has the right idea.

*sigh* Oh well… such is life.^_^

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One Response to God, how I wish I was a NEET…

  1. Sergio says:

    I’m a neet who may not remain a neet for long xDD It’s a pity, being a neet is awesome. Although well, since Spain is in a deep recession, I hope I won’t be able to find any job soon, so my neet days will continue~

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