Giovanni’s New Years Countdown Anime Reviews.(Day 10)

10 days…only 10 days left until the New Year arrives. My, how time flies!-pretty soon a new season will come up, with new anime to fill our tender little hearts and gentle(yet…utterly twisted, twisted) souls with gladness. And soon; after that, yet another season will follow-with even more shows for us to love, more shows to brighten our every days, and more delishuz bishoujos for us to droll and…well…you know…over….*ahem*…Well, I say, the fun just never stops doesn’t it? And soon, when that is finished, yet another season will follow to continue the cycle which we have grown so accustomed to. And after that another, and then another-and then another….

Ha ha, how splendid! This is the way life is supposed to be lived! (and what a glorious life it is-AHA!)

But first, it is only most proper to give tribute to the shows that made this year such a treat and life just a little more worth living in.This is my top 10 list of anime for the year 2010…and for my first entry I give you….

10. Kiss X Sis

How could this not make my list. Kiss X Sis: a lovely little story about the joys of familial love and growing up; it’s about how family helps us overcome life’s occasional obstacles and how they make our lives easier and more enjoyable-simply by them being there for you. Truly a heartwarming tale sure to tug on your heart.

Screw that.

Well enough bullshit. Kiss X Sis is a lovely tale(yes very lovely indeed) about family love…but it’s not that kind of love. It’s actually more about our lucky little bastard Keita and his two smoking hot and uber-adorable onee-chans Ako and Riko, who from all perspectives, are most willing to let their precious little otouto Keita deflower-nay, ravish them should his heart desires. Together-even, should his will dictates.

KUUUUUUU! SO JEALOUS! T_T That lucky SOB! ^x^ The things I would do if I were in his situation…the things I would DO!…hehe… *cue: the sound of rope cracking*

OK, so long story short: I loved Kiss X Sis. So why the hell is this only in my number 10? Well as most of you probably know this show is very NSFW. And because of that…I liked it a little too much to the point where I couldn’t watch it properly. Wait, does that even make any sense? You guys get what I mean right? Hmm…how am I going to say this without sounding like a weirdo?…OK, let’s go with this:

Watching Kiss X Sis tires me…yes it does…But in a good way.

There, make of that what you will ^_^

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