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9. Ladies versus Butlers!

I watched it for the social commentery about the class wars. Akiharu Hino is a simple-yet misunderstood youth who, due to extraordinary circumstance, suddenly finds himself thrust into the world of high society where he meets the passionate Lady Selnia, and reunites with Tomomi-an old friend from his childhood.

Hehehe, OK, again, sorry for the bullshit. My reasons for watching this show is really quite simple:

Ojou-sama Fanservice.

OK then, here’s a more accurate description of the story:

Akiharu is a genuinely nice guy whose life suddenly becomes more colorful when he enters Hakureiyo Academy and meets awesome tsundere-ojou-sama/awesome name possessor Selnia Iori Flameheart and unexpectedly reunites with his magnificently manipulative/traumatically scary osananajimi Tomomi Saikyo. Hilarity Ensues.

Overall, I enjoyed Ladies versus Butlers! It was sexy, cute, fun, and sexy. I must say, it has been a while since I watched this, but I can recall quite well that all the characters grew on me, especially Selnia, who I ended up liking as my favorite girl in the series. Wait, well actually, since I liked all the girls in the blasted anime…declaring a “favorite” may be a little wrong…though I do recall me smiling whenever a Selnia moment came up-my joy in those times was possibly only matched when Mimina was the one on screen.(high five!*clap*) Really though, personally speaking, even more so than the character designs; the characters themselves were definitely this anime’s strongest point; the way the story was tied and constructed was also quite satisfactory. Really, the only thinkable reason I have on why this anime only made 9 was that I liked it a little less when compared with the other anime that shall be presented in this list.

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