Giovanni’s New Years Countdown Anime Reviews. (Day 6)

6. B Gata H Kei

B Gata H Kei is an epic romantic comedy about the pervy little exploits of pretty and popular school girl Yamada(no first name given). Yamada is a girl whose interest in sex is more than a little insane. Seriously. And this leads her to develop the utterly nutty goal of one day bedding 100 different men.

I shit you not.

However, despite being a total perv; Yamada is a virgin and has little to no actual knowledge of the real thing, nor that she have any idea how or even where to begin her legendary love pursuits.

Enter lucky bastard Takashi Kosuda.

Takashi Kosuda is a plain ordinary guy. Really. That’s what he totally is. There’s really nothing striking about Takashi Kosuda; he’s so normal it actually makes him look different. He’s the type of guy you get when you randomly pick from amongst the crowds…

And Yamada has chosen him to be the lucky guy who shall deflower her.



And from that day on…their lives will never be the same.

OK time for my impressions: I say it to you now. I LOVED this freaking anime. I LOVED Yamada-chan, and despite being a guy who fate has chosen to bless simply out of a whim-Kosuda pulled through when it counts and eventually endeared himself to my heart.

Well, if you watched it-the  you must know this anime was hilarious. At least to me. It was a joy to watch and a joy to follow-and I say now that it was time well spent. The characters were also very interesting and actually sparked quite a bit of a debate amongst us who watch it. But for now let’s just focus on Yamada: say what you will about Yamada; I found her absolutely adorable and pervilishously epic. (and you must know in this blog I use pervy as a compliment) Her goal may have taken many people aback initially-I mean she basically wanted to be a slut. (Not that I’m saying there is anything wrong about that-just saying; I believe in the idea of “to each his own”)But as the story progressed it shows she does not have the right stuff for it, and underneath it all is a sweet, innocent maiden…though one with the libido of a dirty old man.

(P.S: Plus, all of her ideas and notions about ecchi are well…so wonderfully wrong or inaccurate-it made her look even cuter to me. I do believe Yamada is a rather accurate portrayal of a virgin…albeit the traits she exhibits are usually more associated with the male ones. But I’ve seen some pretty strange stuff in life; I say the existence of a girl like Yamada is very plausible-heck some of you might even know of someone like her. But I digress… )

Anyway to end this, I say it will probably be a while before I meet another anime girl with the same level of epicness as Yamada-chan. And overall:  I LOVED B Gata H Kei and if you haven’t watched it, please just give it a shot.

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