Giovanni’s New Year Countdown Anime Reviews.(Day 3)

3. The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows tells the story of a young man’s utter devotion to his chosen path that he has become nothing short of a god amongst men.  His divine capabilities have brought his even the attention of Hell itself, which seek to make use of them. Hell’s officers presented a challenge upon the hubristic young man who dares call himself a “god” to aid them in their plight and by extension prove his claim, and being God, he readily accepts knowing in his infinite knowledge that he can’t possibly be beaten, thus entering the “young god” into a Faustian contract with a demon sent to make sure he follows through or he loses his head.

What follows is a godly tale of faith, strength, and love of legendary proportions.

OK this time…I’m serious about what I said above. Keima is God. And once you get around to watching the anime you’ll know what I mean. Only I forgot to tell you that the chosen path which he has absolutely mastered and attained god-like proficiency in was the ever fruitful field of galge and video games, and the demon sent to aid him and see through his fulfillment of the contract also doubles as possibly the one of the cutest, loveliest-and downright moe-est(if that’s even a word) demon girls ever to be produced by the mind of man ever since Dante wrote The Divine Comedy.

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