My Excuses, Excuses Me Not…

OK, so yeah…I haven’t been posting for a while. Really sorry about that, aside from commenting around the internet, I didn’t really have the time nor the mental state to juggle both this blog and the stuff I had to write elsewhere.

But now I’m on vacation…(for a while at least since I opted to go to *shudder* Summer Class…) I’m going to be posting stuff again. I’ve also decided to change how I do things in this blog and here are my new resolutions:

1)I’m no longer going to do episodic reviews. Too much work for me…Shame really, since I really want to go crazy whenever I watch something awesome. But, alas…my time just won’t allow it. So instead I’m going to review an entire season of a specific anime when it’s over. Also, I’m going to be doing it at my own time.

2)There a bunch of other stuff I’ve always wanted to do here, but I just couldn’t find a good timing for. One was a segment in my old blog that I have feeling will catch on, and the other Bi-annual contest with roughly the same concept.

3)EROGE REVIEWS! DAMN IT! This was my original reason for wanting to start a blog and I’ll be damned if I forget it! Anyway, yeah Eroge reviews. But I also intend to write impressions on figures, and all sort of other stuff.

4) I also intend to be a little more active in the Moe Coalition…I’ve been neglecting my duties…such a poor soldier I turned out to be.

5)I’ll be writing every passing fancy that strikes my mind at the moment. I’m an idiot, so I hope you’ll find my stupidity as remotely entertaining as me writing it for all to see! ^_^

For now…that will be all.

May the Imouto Gods protect you always.


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One Response to My Excuses, Excuses Me Not…

  1. Maugomale says:


    Tasogare no Sinsemilla. DO IT!

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