Manga Impressions: Rika

I feel some really good things here...

Once in a while, there comes a time in our earthly existence that we suddenly hear a choir of angels when we come across something we feel is genuinely blessed by the divine hand of the gods. We feel an overwhelming happiness within us, a sense of purpose, a touch of intoxication, and the sudden fear of death which comes so indiscriminately to us mortals ending it all, for fear that mere man should not be allowed to experience such bliss…

That is how I felt when I started reading Rika

I’ve only read the first chapter and as of this writing the second one is yet to come, but from the first chapter alone I already have some very high hopes for this, and hopefully it will meet my expectations in the end. The story follows 2nd year middle school student, Nishizawa Kazuya, a boy who’s said to be good at many things, earning him the praise and admiration of his parents, and students alike. He is put in contrast with his younger sister, Rika, who is not as talented and is always being compared unfavorably to her brother. However, Kazuya has a secret that he dares not tell a soul…his greatest joy in his young life…

Is peeking at his sister while she changes her clothes…


…And so, another delishuz and potentially sinful epic begins…

Now it’s quite obvious I’m already loving this. From the first chapter alone this already appears to be a masterpiece, and I’m going to be devotedly waiting for the much appreciated updates. Aside from the usual reason of my steadfast devotion to the Imouto Gods, there are quite a lot of things I like about this series.

One, let’s get into the characters:

Nishizawa Kazuya is, due to his interactions with his imouto, now being named as the latest candidate for the title of Siscon King. I like him. He’s a healthy, hardworking, athletic, and from the looks of it, pretty popular boy who seems to be making a conscious effort to meet everyone’s expectations of him. But there seems to be more to him than a mere overachiever when in the very beginning after he lists a bunch of admirable things about himself, he then claims his only real happiness is that he enjoys a private skin show from his sister every morning without her knowledge. (Which I say is pretty understandable if you’re in his situation and said sister looked as good as Rika) It looks like he wishes to keep that last tidbit top secret and so far he’s doing a fine job at not making his attraction to his sister obvious. He’s also pretty cool and as a manga male protagonist, though I can’t say he is entirely unique, he seems to be a very competent and interesting one.

As for the titular Nishizawa Rika, she’s a young girl who from the looks of it seems to have something of an inferiority complex. She’s always being compared to her older brother, and is probably feeling a little envious. Still, being that she does still call him “onii-chan” they appear to be on friendly and equal speaking terms with each other and despite her complaints she does seem like she still has a lot of respect and admiration for Kazuya’s talents and sees her brother as someone she wants to catch up with.

As for the story, it looks like it’s being played realistically: the scenes are subtly funny, there are no over-the-top face faults, and I can easily sees this shifting easily from ecchi romantic comedy to drama with little trouble. As of the first chapter, no circumstance feels too far-fetched, everything seems to be understandable and believable, and I say this touches both the Type A and Type B otaku that dwell within me. Also, it gave me a few welcome bouts of nostalgia as it reminded me of a some of the first animes that introduced me to this potentially-maddening-yet-twistedly-beautiful-world of the anime otaku.

All in all Rika was a very enjoyable read and in the name of the gods I serve, I pray that this gets updated regularly and may it have a successful run.


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  1. Robert Tene says:

    This manga might be worth reading! Thanks for sharing ~

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