NEW K-ON girl!?

Meet Saito Sumire…the new K-ON girl who looks like a godly combination of Mio and my tea-brewing ojou-sama goddess Mugi. A delishuz and well-received addition to Azu-nyan’s Light Music club, and I am most certainly looking forward to what kind of dynamics she’ll bring to our beloved club. (Heck, I think I’m in love with her already….^w^)

Simply inspired.


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4 Responses to NEW K-ON girl!?

  1. nobu says:

    \m/ nice \m/ man you are so updated=))
    >>my tea-brewing ojou-sama goddess Mugi
    i like this line =))

  2. dakuro says:

    Well seems like that, i hope that she will be funny as mio or cute as azusa =D
    Thanks for the news.

  3. Dakuro says:

    She looks timid and funny, just like mio, i hope this add to the show on a third season will look cool, thanks

  4. Robert Tene says:

    She’s so damn cute >.<

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