Giovanni’s New Year Countdown Anime Reviews.(Day 3)

3. The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows tells the story of a young man’s utter devotion to his chosen path that he has become nothing short of a god amongst men.  His divine capabilities have brought his even the attention of Hell itself, which seek to make use of them. Hell’s officers presented a challenge upon the hubristic young man who dares call himself a “god” to aid them in their plight and by extension prove his claim, and being God, he readily accepts knowing in his infinite knowledge that he can’t possibly be beaten, thus entering the “young god” into a Faustian contract with a demon sent to make sure he follows through or he loses his head.

What follows is a godly tale of faith, strength, and love of legendary proportions.

OK this time…I’m serious about what I said above. Keima is God. And once you get around to watching the anime you’ll know what I mean. Only I forgot to tell you that the chosen path which he has absolutely mastered and attained god-like proficiency in was the ever fruitful field of galge and video games, and the demon sent to aid him and see through his fulfillment of the contract also doubles as possibly the one of the cutest, loveliest-and downright moe-est(if that’s even a word) demon girls ever to be produced by the mind of man ever since Dante wrote The Divine Comedy.

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Giovanni’s New Years Countdown Anime Reviews.(Day 4)

4. Baka to Test to Shokanju

Not since Lucky Star have I enjoyed watching an anime again and again and again-and again. BakaTest is what moe shows are great for: there is nothing better than the feeling of coming home after a tired day, and unwinding with a nice “HHHNNNNNGGGGG!” session and feeling the moe arrows pierce through your body-completely pinning you in place; unable to move…the power of moe compels you. Do not resist.

BakaTest is a story about a certain “class”. A class that is discriminated and has suffered much persecution from those who have been designated as their “superiors”-who look upon them with eyes full of contempt and pity. And the reason for this is because…

This class…is populated by idiots.

But those idiots…are up to prove something to the world. And the result:

Is effing cool.

BakaTest is fun, colorful and has a very refreshing feel to it-that never fails to make me smile. The characters are also very likable, and you find yourself attaching to a favorite almost instantaneously. Overall; BakaTest currently stands as one of my favorite animes of all time.

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Giovanni’s New Years Countdown Anime Reviews.(Day 5)

5. Ookami-san to Shichinin no NakamatachiI absolutely love fairy tales. Even now, I still read a big book of fairy tales my late grandfather gave to me when I was a little lad-and honestly speaking, I don’t think my love for them is going to change.

As a matter of fact, thanks to this little gem of a show, my love for them has taken an entirely delishuz direction…

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi is a delightful little romantic comedy/school-life parody of the fairy tales most of us have probably heard in our childhood years and grown up with. It revolves around the exploits and the daily adventures of the members of a “loan” organization called the Otogi Bank. The Otogi Bank is an organization that trades favors in exchange for favors to be fulfilled when the Bank requires it. (Sort of like an “amici degli amici: sort of deal-we help you; you help us, and also gave the story a touch of student Mafia or even Yakuza-esque sort of feel for me-which I liked quite a lot)

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Holiday Greetings to All!

I wish you all a most joyous holiday season and I pray you all happy days for the coming year.

May the Imouto-Gods continue to smile on all my endeavors.

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Giovanni’s New Years Countdown Anime Reviews. (Day 6)

6. B Gata H Kei

B Gata H Kei is an epic romantic comedy about the pervy little exploits of pretty and popular school girl Yamada(no first name given). Yamada is a girl whose interest in sex is more than a little insane. Seriously. And this leads her to develop the utterly nutty goal of one day bedding 100 different men.

I shit you not.

However, despite being a total perv; Yamada is a virgin and has little to no actual knowledge of the real thing, nor that she have any idea how or even where to begin her legendary love pursuits.

Enter lucky bastard Takashi Kosuda.

Takashi Kosuda is a plain ordinary guy. Really. That’s what he totally is. There’s really nothing striking about Takashi Kosuda; he’s so normal it actually makes him look different. He’s the type of guy you get when you randomly pick from amongst the crowds…

And Yamada has chosen him to be the lucky guy who shall deflower her.



And from that day on…their lives will never be the same.

OK time for my impressions: I say it to you now. I LOVED this freaking anime. I LOVED Yamada-chan, and despite being a guy who fate has chosen to bless simply out of a whim-Kosuda pulled through when it counts and eventually endeared himself to my heart.

Well, if you watched it-the  you must know this anime was hilarious. At least to me. It was a joy to watch and a joy to follow-and I say now that it was time well spent. The characters were also very interesting and actually sparked quite a bit of a debate amongst us who watch it. But for now let’s just focus on Yamada: say what you will about Yamada; I found her absolutely adorable and pervilishously epic. (and you must know in this blog I use pervy as a compliment) Her goal may have taken many people aback initially-I mean she basically wanted to be a slut. (Not that I’m saying there is anything wrong about that-just saying; I believe in the idea of “to each his own”)But as the story progressed it shows she does not have the right stuff for it, and underneath it all is a sweet, innocent maiden…though one with the libido of a dirty old man.

(P.S: Plus, all of her ideas and notions about ecchi are well…so wonderfully wrong or inaccurate-it made her look even cuter to me. I do believe Yamada is a rather accurate portrayal of a virgin…albeit the traits she exhibits are usually more associated with the male ones. But I’ve seen some pretty strange stuff in life; I say the existence of a girl like Yamada is very plausible-heck some of you might even know of someone like her. But I digress… )

Anyway to end this, I say it will probably be a while before I meet another anime girl with the same level of epicness as Yamada-chan. And overall:  I LOVED B Gata H Kei and if you haven’t watched it, please just give it a shot.

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Giovanni’s New Years Countdown Anime Reviews. (Day 7)

7. Shin Koihime Musō: Otome TairanLet me be honest with you: I’m a sucker for everything about the Three Kingdoms Period. So that said, no surprise I’ve watched almost every single anime adaptation from the uber awesome and lolilicious Ryofuko-chan to that crappy Sangokushi adaptation.(whatever parts I could find about it anyway)

But Koihime Musou happens to be my favorite adaptation of them all. It has everything that gives meaning and drive in my life: war and moe girls. I like me my war, and I like me my moe girls! hur hur ^w^ and I wuuuuv me my moe wars!

Anyway, the previous two seasons of the series were great for me, so snagging this up immediately was pretty much a given. And Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Tairan details the events of Dong Zhuo’s reign and the campaign launched against him for his(or in this case her) tyranny.

The result is adorably badass.

OK, again let me be honest with you: Toutaku (Dong Zhuo) is my favorite girl in the series. Yes, Toutaku. I mean look at her! So after being deprived of her last season; the 3rd season gets my appreciation for giving me more of her. Not that I don’t love the other girls, mind you (I love easily…*blush* Don’t look at me…I’m embarrassed…) so seeing them again was also a treat. Overall: like the 1st two seasons(and every other show that has super cute girls) I loved Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Tairan. If I had gripes about this its only that this season took a considerably darker tone compared to the previous seasons. I mean it was about Toutaku’s reign and I knew how well that ended….I ended up worrying a bit. I don’t like gloomy atmospheres much; so though that didn’t deduct from the story quality-it did a little for my enjoyment. Also, if you’ve watched the 2nd season….

…you know damn well how hard it is to top an epic idol battle.

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Giovanni’s New Years Countdown Anime Reviews.(Day 8)

8. Seikon no Qwaser

Ah…Seikon no Qwaser. Watching this came off to me as quite a surprise. The story is quite good: church conspiracies, religious symbolism, alchemy, a little bit of history here and there-yes, quite good.  The fight scenes were also constructed in a pretty badass fashion, and the magic system…dear lord, the magic system…definitely one of the most imaginative(in more ways than one, I might add)I’ve ever seen. Honestly, I NEVER would have thought of that! Most commendable.

The art style was also quite appealing; character designs were great: the girls were just oozing with sex appeal-with most of them being a harmonic blend of hotness and cuteness-I must say the fanservice in this anime is one of the best I’ve seen in recent history-and has plenty of drool-inducing variety; for, unless I missed something, I do believe there is at least one girl for every sort of weirdo out there.(Idankyu ^w^)

So obviously, again like everything else in my top 10, I enjoyed my time with Seikon no Qwaser. The reason I won’t bother writing a short description of the story is because- aside from me being unable to find the right words to describe it-and failing to give it justice; I also wanted to keep it a surprise in case you do decide to watch it-as was the case with me. I watched this show not knowing anything at all, and that I think added to my viewing pleasure. So guys and gals, if you do get around to watching this, or get to thinking about watching this after you’ve read this post-then don’t read anymore and just go straight to the watching. Go on; do it. Just make sure you don’t do it at work. For your own bloody good. Because, despite me liking this so damn much; as with Kiss X Sis, again the reason this only made the 8th spot was because I didn’t get to watch it properly as every time I did my nuts suffered critical damage and had to to go down for repairs…

And I know you know what I mean. heh heh ^w^

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9. Ladies versus Butlers!

I watched it for the social commentery about the class wars. Akiharu Hino is a simple-yet misunderstood youth who, due to extraordinary circumstance, suddenly finds himself thrust into the world of high society where he meets the passionate Lady Selnia, and reunites with Tomomi-an old friend from his childhood.

Hehehe, OK, again, sorry for the bullshit. My reasons for watching this show is really quite simple:

Ojou-sama Fanservice.

OK then, here’s a more accurate description of the story:

Akiharu is a genuinely nice guy whose life suddenly becomes more colorful when he enters Hakureiyo Academy and meets awesome tsundere-ojou-sama/awesome name possessor Selnia Iori Flameheart and unexpectedly reunites with his magnificently manipulative/traumatically scary osananajimi Tomomi Saikyo. Hilarity Ensues.

Overall, I enjoyed Ladies versus Butlers! It was sexy, cute, fun, and sexy. I must say, it has been a while since I watched this, but I can recall quite well that all the characters grew on me, especially Selnia, who I ended up liking as my favorite girl in the series. Wait, well actually, since I liked all the girls in the blasted anime…declaring a “favorite” may be a little wrong…though I do recall me smiling whenever a Selnia moment came up-my joy in those times was possibly only matched when Mimina was the one on screen.(high five!*clap*) Really though, personally speaking, even more so than the character designs; the characters themselves were definitely this anime’s strongest point; the way the story was tied and constructed was also quite satisfactory. Really, the only thinkable reason I have on why this anime only made 9 was that I liked it a little less when compared with the other anime that shall be presented in this list.

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Giovanni’s New Years Countdown Anime Reviews.(Day 10)

10 days…only 10 days left until the New Year arrives. My, how time flies!-pretty soon a new season will come up, with new anime to fill our tender little hearts and gentle(yet…utterly twisted, twisted) souls with gladness. And soon; after that, yet another season will follow-with even more shows for us to love, more shows to brighten our every days, and more delishuz bishoujos for us to droll and…well…you know…over….*ahem*…Well, I say, the fun just never stops doesn’t it? And soon, when that is finished, yet another season will follow to continue the cycle which we have grown so accustomed to. And after that another, and then another-and then another….

Ha ha, how splendid! This is the way life is supposed to be lived! (and what a glorious life it is-AHA!)

But first, it is only most proper to give tribute to the shows that made this year such a treat and life just a little more worth living in.This is my top 10 list of anime for the year 2010…and for my first entry I give you….

10. Kiss X Sis

How could this not make my list. Kiss X Sis: a lovely little story about the joys of familial love and growing up; it’s about how family helps us overcome life’s occasional obstacles and how they make our lives easier and more enjoyable-simply by them being there for you. Truly a heartwarming tale sure to tug on your heart.

Screw that.

Well enough bullshit. Kiss X Sis is a lovely tale(yes very lovely indeed) about family love…but it’s not that kind of love. It’s actually more about our lucky little bastard Keita and his two smoking hot and uber-adorable onee-chans Ako and Riko, who from all perspectives, are most willing to let their precious little otouto Keita deflower-nay, ravish them should his heart desires. Together-even, should his will dictates.

KUUUUUUU! SO JEALOUS! T_T That lucky SOB! ^x^ The things I would do if I were in his situation…the things I would DO!…hehe… *cue: the sound of rope cracking*

OK, so long story short: I loved Kiss X Sis. So why the hell is this only in my number 10? Well as most of you probably know this show is very NSFW. And because of that…I liked it a little too much to the point where I couldn’t watch it properly. Wait, does that even make any sense? You guys get what I mean right? Hmm…how am I going to say this without sounding like a weirdo?…OK, let’s go with this:

Watching Kiss X Sis tires me…yes it does…But in a good way.

There, make of that what you will ^_^

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December 18, 2010

December 18, 2010. I suffered an irreplaceable loss.

My heart is filled with immense grief right now…this post will be the only one of its kind I promise. No one’s probably interested in reading this, and boring people is the last thing I want to do. Really, I’m just writing this for myself-to ease my mind and my heart even for a little bit.

I just wanted to write down the date. As I don’t ever want to forget this day…when I have learned, gained, and at the same time lost so much in under a span of a few hours.

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